Friday, October 7, 2016

They go up, they come down

All summer, Dunbar residents have been keeping a beady eye on the progress of construction of their new Stong's grocery store, which is to open on the bottom floor of this condo development. The new store will be 20,000 square feet compared to the 14,000-square-foot old store.

There's a very deep hole at the site of the old Stong's store just down the street. Out of it, another condo development will rise. 

This is what used to be on top of that very deep hole. The store closed in the spring. 

Almost in inverse proportion, the hole at the site of the old Stong's store gets deeper as the building that will house the new one grows up a few blocks away. Both will be condo developments -- what else gets built in Vancouver? -- but Stong's will occupy the bottom floor of the building now going up at 26th and Dunbar.

That's three blocks away from the old location, and closer to where I live -- just a block and a half up the hill from me. Ever since the old store closed in the spring, I've been picking up groceries here, there and everywhere, usually tying my shopping into my walks. That's getting old, winter's coming on, and it's time for a pleasanter routine. Stong's initially promised its new store would be open by Christmas. I'm holding them to it.

Another view of the condo development that will house the new Stong's. It's to be called The Ivy. I really hope somebody will take the name seriously and grow some ivy on the building.

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  1. It was really cool yesterday on my walk. Guess we'll have to get used to winter this year. Well, we had ivy on the smaller house we bought across the street in Victoria. It was a nightmare for the painters to take off. I don't think they'll be encouraging it . Stong's will really be missing a lot of good business if they don't open before Xmas.