Saturday, October 1, 2016

Family visit

My sister Diane and her husband John were in Vancouver recently, visiting from Winlaw in the Kootenays, where they moved this summer. Both looked fit and relaxed -- I think country life will suit them well. Diane and I did what we usually do when we get together -- went for a walk to a favourite spot on the sea shore, admiring gardens and trees all the way. Here are some photos from their visit.

Diane and I enjoy this spot on the beach, which is about a 20-minute walk down the hill from my house. Once a seal arrived to check us out, popping up about 10 feet from where we sat.

They're too small to see in this photo, but there were plenty of ducks and seagulls in the water, and a blue heron was waiting for fish. In the distance, the city skyline.

We always have to stop and check out my favourite garden at Third and Collingwood. It's often made an appearance on this blog before, but every season offers different colours.

Diane with some of the fall blooms in the garden.
These hydrangeas are a beautiful burgundy red, a nice contrast to the silver grey of the weeping pear.

Elsewhere on our walk, we came across a lone sunflower all tangled up in the leaves of a tree, which were just turning red.

Diane's husband John with their two bikes. Sadly, his was stolen from the back of their RV shortly after this photo was taken.

Diane and John loading up to head for home.
Until next time!

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  1. Now I don't think I've ever seen red them!