Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall scenes

Our fall colours can't begin to compete with the glories of Eastern Canada's, so I don't expect anyone back there to be impressed by my autumn photographs. But when I head out for my late-afternoon walks these days, I like what I see. The low angle of the sun at this time of year, plus the changing colours and late fall flowers and foliage, make for some beautiful effects. Here are some scenes I've come across lately:

I regret that I  can't identify this tree as anything but a street tree, but the fall light on it one day made it glow like a candle.

Further down the street from the first tree was another, glowing at the end of the block.
At the foot of  some street trees in the Kerrisdale area were beds of these odd-looking plants. Their burgundy coloured leaves with spikes sticking up made them quite spectacular. 

Here's what they looked like from further back. Surrounded by a green hedge-like material, they made for an odd but weirdly beautiful show. 

Orange berries falling over a wood fence have a very autumnal effect.

There were two huge mounds of these daisy-like asters in this garden, but the camera angle wouldn't allow for both. You'll have to take my word for it. 

A beautiful green hedge, a show of yellow fall flowers, and a scooter. Very Italian. I took this for John, who was inspired to go out and look for a scooter for himself quite soon after. 

There's nothing fall-like about this, but I am constantly amazed by the weird shapes people carve their trees into. What is this? A planet with a surrounding galaxy?

A fragrant rose in late-evening light, with palm fronds behind, delighted my friend Georgeann who was walking with me. 

I never heard of fall crocuses until I moved to the West Coast. They're very popular, but I can't see the attraction. Because of my prairie background, I think crocuses should be small, furry and a wonderful surprise that means spring has arrived. 
Most of the trees are still green, but the coloured ones add some pizzazz to the streets these days. I took this Sunday evening. 

A little further along, plum-coloured leaves glow in the light. And yes, the orange barrier in the foreground signals that the city's demolition frenzy continues.

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  1. Well, I don't think I've heard or seen Fall to me. Having never been back East at Fall, I can't really speak about those colours but I've always felt we get lots of colour here on the West Coast and I think your photos prove it! So, when are we going to see you and John ride up on that Italian scooter? On my current licence there is still the motorcycle permit. The fellow who was renewing it asked what kind of motorcycle did I have? I was amazed it was still on there. So, Carol, you and I can go riding around in style....I'm sure John wouldn't mind...