Sunday, October 16, 2016

Flying Emi

John catches Emi trying to zero in on the cheesecake her mom Aya is dishing up. Luckily, dad Etienne has a firm grip.
The photographs I post of our grandniece Emi often seem to involve her in motion up in the air. There were the photos of her flying as high as she could on a swing, the photos of her dad holding her  upside-down in a restaurant, the photos of her standing up in her stroller. I didn't catch her in motion, but she was bouncing up and down from a standing position, something passersby apparently find quite alarming (her parents know from long experience that she's okay). Here's another flying photo from a get-together this week. This time she's getting ready to descend on some cheesecake her mother is dishing out. Maybe a career in aviation is ahead!

After landing and polishing off that cheesecake, Emi is deeply absorbed by a Japanese cartoon featuring two little girls in a forest. Another photo from John.


  1. She's quite the little sweetheart! I can certainly see why passersby would worry. I hope she realizes she can only "fly" when Dad has a firm grip. When Richard was about 3, he was really into Superman and I noticed he was going much higher on the swing than he usually did....then he jumped off at the absolute height and fell, of course. He tearfully told me he thought he could fly like Superman. He survived but he gave me quite a fright! He's 39 years old today.

  2. Emi's cousin Corban at the other end of the country is into flying too. So far no big crashes but he seems to be fearless so one day he may well crash and find his feet of clay.