Monday, October 10, 2016

Our Thanksgiving

My family never made a big fuss about Thanksgiving, a tradition John and I have continued. One year, we accidentally had the best turkey dinner ever in an unprepossessing restaurant on a day trip to the Okanagan. Perhaps my memories are sweetened by the fact that I had no part in the preparations or cleanup. This year, we celebrated by having John's cousin Janice and her husband Jim over for a quiet dinner (salmon, easy) the day before Thanksgiving. And today, the big day itself, John had lunch with a friend visiting from California, while I went for a walk. A glorious day, with the leaves changing and the trees glowing in the late-afternoon sunshine. Trees, nature, the ability to walk -- some of the big things in my life I am really thankful for.

Table all set for non-turkey pre-Thanksgiving dinner. It is wonderful to be able to make as much or as little of this day as you want.

What better way to appreciate all the things we have to be thankful for than to  walk under golden leaves and a blue sky?

Look down, and some evil-looking mushrooms have sprung up, due to the rain we've been having lately. 

Another shining example of those golden leaves. 

And underfoot, multi-coloured leaves.  I can't look at them without remembering how the fall after dad died, I collected specimens of perfect leaves -- all types and colours -- so mom could put together a wall display for her new apartment. 

The orange construction fencing below is overshadowed by the bright colours above. 

These trees mark the outer border of VanDusen garden, which has beautiful trees. I didn't make it into the garden today, but even the exterior is a treat to walk past.
Chestnuts on the sidewalk. When the chestnuts are falling and the wind is blowing, it's a good idea to wear a hat.

Sun-drenched gold-orange leaves outside VanDusen garden say everything that needs to be said about autumn.. 

Along the streets, red trees stand out.

You've seen these hydrangeas on this blog before, but even as they dry up for fall, they're interesting. The well-sculpted red hedge behind adds colour. 

Most of our views are obstructed (enhanced) by trees, but we can see clouds and even the distant mountains by going to nearby  Balaclava Park. If you go at the right time of day, you can see dogs bouncing and playing together on the grass.

I took this because the trees are almost as red as the car. It's kind of a John picture. 

And, a street in Kerrisdale. beautiful, and empty. There weren't many people on the streets today -- it was like having my own private park. 

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  1. Love the red trees and red car! We do get lots of colour out here in the West. And it wouldn't be Fall without chestnuts...loved them as a kid and still do. And the salmon was a perfect choice for Thanksgiving dinner....thank you again. We always had our Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday since work and school loomed after Monday.