Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Stong's again

I've written several times about the closure of my local Stong's grocery store this spring, and how anxiously I'm awaiting the opening of the new one near me. The apartment building that will house it is coming along nicely, and my hopes soared today when I saw a "Now Hiring" sign outside. Surely a signal that the store will be opening soon?
A closer look at the sign, picturesquely backed by a line of port-a-potties for the construction workers. 

Only the car-less could appreciate how excited I was today to see a sign outside the new Stong's grocery store being built a block up the street from me. "Now hiring," it said in big beautiful letters just outside a bank of blue port-a-potties that perform their useful duties nearly out in the middle of Dunbar Street. The old Stong's a few blocks farther along closed in the spring, and ever since, I have been schlepping groceries from wherever I end up on my walks. All summer I have been watching the new store, topped by three storeys of apartments, take shape.

Now that it's getting close, does the sign mean a precise opening day has been set? Alas, the Stong's website says the hope is for "early December," but warns that with construction, it's never a sure thing. Judging from the inquiries on the website, I'm not the only Dunbarite just waiting to plunge back into a full-scale grocery store in my neighbourhood. Here's hoping all goes well, and I won't be hauling the Christmas turkey home in my backpack.

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  1. I will bet on it being open for the Christmas shopping season but then....