Saturday, November 26, 2016

November garden

Every once in a while, the rain stops for long enough that I can take my iPad out into the garden to see what's happening. Here are some recent photos:

Mr. Darcy, the birdbath and a volunteer nasturtium.  I usually throw some nasturtium seeds in the ground in the spring, but this year didn't get around to it. Predictably, I had no blossoms all summer, but a few days ago, I noticed a spot of orange. And there it was -- a self-seeded nasturtium!

A closer look at the nasturtium. They're tough and often bloom far into the fall.

The star magnolia buds in the front garden, getting ready for the spring show.

The Pink Dawn Viburnum in the front is blooming now, and actually has some scent. 

These primroses were planted in the spring, survived the summer, and are doing their best to add some colour in the front rockery  now.

An avenue between the laurel hedge and a hydrangea bush in front. The little kids from next door like to play in this area. 

The weeping birch has lost its leaves, but still overhangs the hydrangea in front, which needs to be cut back soon. If  we had snow, it would be crushed.

These tree fungi aren't in my garden, but they made such a pretty pattern, I had to photograph them. 

A closer look at the fungi, which look like little umbrellas, up and down the tree trunk.

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  1. Good on the nasturtiums for appearing now! I always planted them as a kid under our honeysuckle. This was my own special little garden and fool proof but I don't think I ever saw any in warming?