Friday, November 4, 2016

Elf invasion

My friend Linda sent me photos of the little crowd of creatures emerging from her knitting needles these days. She says it takes about a day to add another to her collection, which she'll be distributing to friends with kids at the end of  December. I look forward to seeing what kind of crowd she has created by then. 

The rosemary sprig in the background adds a festive element to this threesome. But these are not Christmas elves, Linda says. Depending on the colour choices, they could be Valentine's Day elves, Easter elves, or St. Patrick's Day elves. 

I won't say the Christmas word, but about a week before Dec. 25, my friend Linda will open a closet door and scoop out the results of her latest knitting project -- a collection of colourful little creatures she'll distribute to friends with kids. One for each child, one for each parent -- a little family grouping for a mantelpiece or a dinner table. They're called Jolly Wee Elves, and knitting them, says Linda, is addictive. "You make one and you want to make the next." They all turn out slightly differently, and then there's the matter of colour combinations. A yellow scarf on a blue body? A red scarf on a green?

The scarves are the only separate part of the elves, which are otherwise one piece of knitting, from the wide bottom to the knot that finishes off the top of the tuque. Four to five inches tall, stabilized by a metal washer from Home Depot and fattened by Fibrefill, they're made from a pattern distributed by the wonderfully named Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.

Over the years, Linda's skillful needles have produced sophisticated sweaters, colourful socks, hats of all description and many kinds of scarves, but always there have been fun things for kids too. Bunnies, teddy-bears, dinosaurs and other soft creatures have found their way into the cribs and cradles, the playgrounds and bedrooms of her small acquaintances. And now a Jolly Wee Elf or two will join them.

A closer look at the elves, which are all of one piece except for the scarf. You can imagine whatever expressions you want on their little faces.

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  1. I love them! What a sweet thing for Linda to do for friends with kids. Knitting seems to be a very calming and engaging thing for people to do. Probably too late for me.