Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November sunshine

Late afternoon sunshine turns the Vancouver skyline into gold, and the clouds are positively Turneresque. Not much by way of winter here!

My favourite house along the Point Grey waterfront has lost its ivy but gained a coat of sunshine. 

This is one of the views you would see from the balcony of that house.

I photographed this house earlier in the year, with the ivy over the upper floors and the hedge bursting with greenery. It's in fall mode now. 

The trees that hid a window in the brick garden wall outside the house are leafless now, so you can see the opening  if you look carefully. 

At the foot of a flight of stairs on my way downtown, there was this view of the water, ships and mountains beyond.

A few days ago, I brought up an extra duvet from downstairs because temperatures were starting to plunge to -- well, almost zero. There was great excitement on the ski hills because there was actually snow -- early snow -- on the mountains. After a mild, wet fall, winter at last!

But within a day, temperatures were up, and the rain was back. By Monday afternoon, when I walked downtown to my class at Simon Fraser University, the sun was shining, the mountains were bare, and tennis players at Kitsilano Beach were out in shorts. Across the water, the city turned to gold, and I think Joseph William Turner had a hand in arranging the clouds. Looks like that duvet will be going back downstairs again for awhile!

Another look at Monday's sunshine from the seawall at Kitsilano Beach. 

I took the same route when I went to class the previous Monday, and this is how it looked that day. The tide was so high that it was sloshing in through holes in the seawall created for that purpose. A different scene altogether!

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  1. Wonderful photos and appreciate seeing our home town so beautifully presented...you are really getting to be quite the photographer, my dear! Well, typical West Coast weather in a sense. It's cooler at night here too and will get quite cold at night soon. We're quite desperate to have our fireplace on but was just a bit too warm last night for that.