Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Watching Emi

 Emi, upside down with father Etienne. Photo by John Denniston -- only a pro could catch the moment this well.
Emi with mother Aya: When life is this much fun, food is optional.

From left, grand-uncle Brian, grand-aunt Wendy,  Etienne, Aya, and Emi, who is standing up -- as usual -- in her stroller. The other relatives were taking pictures.
It's hard not to watch my grand-niece Emi. A bundle of charismatic energy, she bounces around so much in her stroller that passersby have anxiously warned her parents that she is about to fall out. During a recent brunch at a (nearly empty) restaurant in Vancouver, Emi caromed from papa to mama along the length of a banquette, gesturing, leaning, diving down and bobbing up, fully entertained in entertaining herself. There was no whining, howling, dish-breaking or other unpleasantnesses -- just a very lively nearly two-year-old providing herself with a very good time.

Two sets of grand-aunts and uncles, none with any other small children in their lives, carried on their adult conversations with Emi's parents. But with their eyes (and some with their cameras), they gobbled up her every move.


  1. In our travels we have taken a lot of "scenic" photos and actually really glad to have these photos of French markets,the streets of Paris, etc. And Richard once said, when other people go through photo albums they only stop at the "people photos" of family and friends. Since Richard's comment, I now have albums of "current photos" which are all people...often blurry, not very professional, but friends and family. I know these will be the most treasured and these photos in your blog post, Carol, are absolutely wonderful... and they will be treasured.

  2. The best photos on my blog -- which include the one of Emi upside down -- are taken by John. But I always know people like to see photos of each other, so the second-rate ones sometimes make it too!

    1. Well, I think you need to credit the photos otherwise I'll be thinking you've become this great photographer overnight and become very jealous :)

  3. next thing is I find out you are having the blog ghost written...:)