Thursday, June 23, 2016

Neighbourhood scenes

A stroll in my little Vesuvius neighbourhood on Saltspring Island is a bit different from walking in my Dunbar community in Vancouver. Things are a bit wilder, more spaced apart, and nature takes over more. Here are few photos from recent walks:

A garden gate with an owl on top is typical of the whimsical touches on many properties around here.

When an old tree died along the fence, the owners kept it for its structural beauty. Combined with roses, it makes a nice display.

Up in a nearby forested area called Channel Ridge, there is a beautifully constructed big solid wooden bench. Woodworkers and carpenters abound here.

In the old days, newspaper subscribers in rural areas would get newspaper boxes built on their properties for their daily delivery.  Judging from the ivy covering this one, there haven't been any deliveries for a long time. 

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  1. Great photos....I love them! Would you believe in our new apartment they still have the little cupboards for milk delivery in the hall? That will make a blog post for sure.