Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fish in the garden

Someone has created the effect of an underwater garden by suspending painted blue fish among their plants.

One of the trees in the garden is painted a sea-like green, which turns to red in the top branches. 
Front gardens are the face we present to the world (who we really are is in the back), and I am always delighted when a garden reveals something pleasantly unusual about the home's occupant. Whoever runs this garden near Blanca loves fish, and is happy to say so. Wooden replicas of fish, painted mainly blue, but also red and brown, lurk among the garden's flowers, shrubs and small trees. The branches of one of the trees are actually painted a sea-like green, which turns red further up -- a nod perhaps to the colours of a spawning salmon.

 When I passed the garden on Wednesday, shafts of sunlight played on the plantings, creating a moving patchwork of sunshine and shadow. The fish suspended between the plants looked like they were moving through an underwater garden: a bit of whimsical  magic in the middle of the city, thanks to someone willing to share their passion with the rest of the world.

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  1. How cool....I think I must create this somewhere!