Wednesday, June 1, 2016


When I first came to Vancouver, it was the trees I loved most -- their size, their diversity, their beauty. I never got over it. Now, when I walk around the city noticing things, it is the trees that draw my eye again and again. My iPad is full of photographs of trees -- grand, blossoming, funny. Here are a few:

This Point Grey boulevard beauty stopped me in my tracks.

Walls of trees  hide condos  near Arbutus and Broadway.  

Sometimes a rhododendron is not a shrub but a full-blown tree.

A passerby told me the owner of these trees calls them "the herd."

This unusually clipped entrance caught my eye.
A long row of tall trees borders this sunny horse meadow in nearby Southlands.

My house: You can never have too many trees!

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  1. Yes, aren't they amazing! I'm buying The Vancouver Tree Book with my Indigo gift card to learn more. I also find the desert landscape amazing as well...what can grow in such little moisture.