Saturday, October 28, 2017

Gates of surprise

There are some "regular" gates on Saltspring -- the kind of wood or metal constructions you see everywhere. But on an island where people like to express their individuality and beautiful vistas abound, you can expect to see almost anything the first time you arrive at someone's door. Here are a few of the creative gates -- and entrance-ways -- I spotted on walks during our recent visit to Saltspring.

This gate opens onto a postage-stamp patio overlooking Vesuvius beach. It belongs to the little cottage across the road, named, of course, the Sand Dollar.  Everyone who passes wishes they could open this gate and sit awhile.

A further-back view of that delicious gate, the creation of an artist known for his work in glass.

This elaborate polished wood gate caught my eye because of its swooping curves and cutouts giving a peek-a-boo look into the property beyond.

Further on from the gate, the fence continues the theme of cutout windows. . .

... ending in a fabulous splash of pink from this cleverly planted shrub.

Back on the Vesuvius beach waterfront, an old door serves as a gate for another little lookout over the water.

Through what would have been a window, a view of the water and trees beyond.

Colourful gateposts emphasize the beauty of the pastoral roadway that is "Margaret Lane."

A closer look at the artwork that welcomes visitors to the houses along this stretch of road.

This would be an ordinary weathered-wood gate except that someone has cut out circles and added cross-hatching.

This entrance has no gate, but the berry-laden shrubbery almost hiding an old bicycle makes it  an eye-catching introduction to the artist's studio beyond.

An elegant weathered-wood gate, this one with a fancy planter at the side. 

Sometimes it takes awhile to get to the gate. Way up the driveway, a white wood construction awaits.

Yes, this is a gate, made of bits and pieces of this and that, assembled by the artist whose studio is beyond. I didn't try it, but I think it opens.

A stylized metal fish adds interest to this tall gate and fence. 

On the pedestrian gate of the same property, a sun figure greets visitors.

This property has no gate, but the entrance is obvious, emphasized by the sign: "Please do not block path." Two deer have taken advantage of the clear passage to feast on the lawn -- they're hard to see in the photo, but they're there.

The entrance to the cottage called the Sand Dollar is over a little bridge and through a white picket-fence gate. Not surprisingly, this cottage is a favourite with painters.

And finally, the vehicle gate into our yard. It goes a little past being weathered, with a fine crop of fungus and moss. 

A close-up view of the fungus and moss. John thinks this gate is due for replacement soon.

Its condition doesn't bother Mr. Darcy, who views the road from behind its protective slats.

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  1. So, who knew that Satlsppring was such a "gated community":) Love them all!