Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Little bits and pieces make up a home, even a part-time one like our place on Saltspring. I was thinking about that yesterday when we arrived to find some thank-you gifts from recent visitors -- a lovely wooden set of salad servers and a little appetizer plate. Then there are the standard items that  need replacing even in an occasional home -- in this case, a done-for kitchen clock and a forgotten name tag for Mr. Darcy. We were lucky to easily find what we needed at the everything-in-a-store local Home Hardware known as Mouat's. Here are some of our latest acquisitions:

Nobody ever has enough serving utensils, so salad servers like these are a welcome addition. I love the decorated handles!

This little blue and white dish, another thank-you gift, will make an appetizer of Saltspring Island cheese look even better.

Okay, so it's a bit noisy, but what can you expect for $12.99? Our old clock stopped working, so we were happy to walk into Mouat's to see this one staring at us. The second-hand is crucial for John's coffee-grinding, and the red perimeter matches the chimney, so we are not complaining.

No, Mr. Darcy is not a new acquisition, but I forgot to bring along his Saltspring Island name and address tag. Mouat's sold us a new engraved tag and an organic-fabric collar to attach it to (hidden under all that fur). It all cost more than the clock, but there's nothing too good for Mr. D!

Mr. Darcy presiding over the view from the balcony railing, with his little pink name tag showing.  

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  1. Mr. D. is looking very handsome with his new collar and he seems to know it!