Thursday, October 5, 2017

Flowers for Linda

My friend Linda suggested I post some nice flower pictures so people checking my blog would at least see something pleasant when there's no new posting. So here is this summer's dahlia display along the West Vancouver seawall. Pink blossoms in foreground, ocean and Stanley Park in background. How nice is that?

The sweet peas in my back yard have done well this long hot summer, and they're still blooming. 

I've kept two vases of sweet peas going all summer, tossing the older blooms as soon as they start to fade and replacing them with fresh. Sweet peas are most fragrant when they're first picked, so this way, I've had that wonderful scent non-stop for months.

The hollyhocks are finished now and scattering their seeds everywhere. But I couldn't resist including one photo of these cheerful, all-forgiving flowers.

I've just filled my containers with this year's array of winter pansies. Usually I choose solid blue, but this year, diversity!

A friend gave me asters a couple of summers ago. I didn't plant them for a long time and thought they had died. But this fall I got a surprise when asters suddenly burst out in my front flower bed. I really like tough plants!

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  1. Good on you, Linda! Once you get us readers hooked you do have to do something regularly. Taking snaps of flowers is dead easy. They speak for themselves so no gut wrenching revisions...