Thursday, January 12, 2017

Vesuvius moon

Clear skies mean cold temperatures, but they also give photographers like John a clear shot at the full moon. This photo looks toward Crofton on Vancouver Island from Saltspring Island. 

It was 10 C (50 F) indoors when John arrived at our place in Vesuvius on Saltspring Island this week. The house looks cozy, but its lack of insulation and walls of big windows guarantee it will be cold when the unimaginable happens and temperatures drop below zero on the Gulf Islands. John cranked up the baseboard heaters and got the fireplace blazing with three armloads of wood, but the temperature maxed out at 18 C (64 F) during his whole three-day stay.

One compensation: the moon was full. When he woke up Thursday morning, he just had to shove open the sliding glass doors in the bedroom to shoot the moon over the ocean. He kept the electric blanket on.

1 comment:

  1. Now, that seems pretty chilly! Love the moon shot...great reflection. We see this moon from our dining room table. Might try to take a photo.