Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Savary Pie shuffle

I'm amused by the fierce competition for good tables at the Savary Island Pie Company in West Vancouver, where John and I often share a vegetarian sandwich. On Thursday, John beat out another couple for this prized window spot. I then watched while they plotted to snatch the second window table as soon as the occupants left.

Our window table as we leave. Somebody has probably been waiting for our departure for awhile. 

There's nothing wrong with the common tables, especially with such a beautiful bouquet. But people do like their privacy.

It's an interesting dance that goes on at our favourite West Vancouver restaurant/bakery -- like that old game of musical chairs where you never know if there'll be a seat for you when the music stops. The Savary Island Pie Company's dining area is small, a jumble of tables and chairs of varying sizes and vintages tightly squeezed together. There's usually some seating, but often it's at big common tables instead of the highly prized separate ones.

As a result, experienced patrons like John and I have a routine. I line up to order while he finagles a seat. The drill is to find something, anything, while keeping an eagle eye out for better ones -- the surveillance of empty sandwich plates, coffee lingerers, and putting-on-of-coats that happens in that place must be worthy of MI5.

When we went in on Thursday, the only spots were at a common table, where several people, including another couple, were already installed. But when I turned around from ordering, I saw John moving into one of the two prized window tables. A miracle! Something that happens to us maybe once a year.

Turns out his quick eye -- honed by all those years of photography -- had spotted the coming vacancy while the other couple at the common table were distracted. But they were not to be defeated. I watched while they paid close attention to the second window table, patiently waiting -- some eye-rolling was involved -- while a couple there took turns using the bathroom, slowly donned their coats, and then began taking their dirty dishes to the counter. But once they were a foot past the table, the waiting pair were there like a shot. Possibly they had learned their lesson from John. Well before the music stops, you must be ready to pounce.

This is the couple -- with a blue coat and a black jacket -- who were at the common table when John snatched our window spot. I could see them watching for the second window table to come open. 

The original inhabitants of  the window table get up to put on their coats.

And carry their dishes to the counter. On the right, you can see the woman in the blue coat standing up, ready to make her move. John ignores the whole thing.

Ms. Blue Coat moves in.

Mr. Black Coat brings his plate to the new table. 

The new tenants of the window table settle in. John ignores it all. 

The exterior of the Savary Island Pie Company, scene of all the drama. And good food.

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  1. Looks like this place is a goldmine for the owners! Glad you got a good seat.