Thursday, December 15, 2016

Slow walking in Dunbar

It's business as usual in the lower parts of Vancouver, where salt, sun and proximity to the water have left streets and sidewalks summertime-clear. But hike up the Dunbar hill, where I live, and you're in winter -- testimony to the difference a bit of elevation makes. Even though the sun was shining when I went for a walk on Thursday, there were plenty of places where I was repeating my mantra for walking on ice: If you're hardly moving when you fall, how badly can it hurt after all? It was a very slow walk. Here are some photos of my own personal winter wonderland:

 Climbing back up the Dunbar hill at the end of my walk, I came across this tree bejeweled with icicles. Making it even better was the pink glow of the late-afternoon sun shining on the mountains behind. A sight like this makes up for a lot of very cautious walking on icy streets.

A scary sight for a pedestrian. A layer  of ice runs all along the front of this property, as if someone had let loose with a hose. Maybe a sprinkler system went awry in the cold weather?

And here's a nearby intersection. It would be good to have good grips on your shoes and winter tires on your car.

Like Dunbar, the North Shore mountains in the distance are sporting a coat of snow.

Green lawns and clear sidewalks are common at lower elevations, although there is still snow on the boulevard of this street. 

I photographed this snow fort a few days ago. It was built of blocks of snow, with holes for sighting the enemy. Some kids had a lot of fun.

A fallen snowman in Balaclava Park, a photo from a few days ago.

Here's what Balaclava Park, a few blocks from where I live, looked like after the snow first fell about a week ago. 

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  1. I love the snow fort and of course the icicles with the sun going down is so beautiful. As kids, we always tried to build a snow fort but there never seemed to be quite enough snow or the sun came out as a spoilsport. I don't like the thought of you walking on ice. I know you'll have good footgear but here are some other tips that made a lot of sense: