Saturday, December 24, 2016

Our Christmas Eve

With a two-year-old coming for Christmas Day, how can you not have a tree? My garden obelisk, which normally is the support for my sweet peas, fills in nicely, I think. Photo by John.

Some evergreen boughs with mini lightbulbs on the fireplace mantle is most of the decorating we usually do for Christmas. 

I was pleased to unearth a treasure trove of Christmas tree decorations I bought sometime in the distant past, probably at a craft sale. They added nicely to my stand-in Christmas tree. 

Another of those craft-sale decorations, this one a seagull on a fence. 
When I brought out the tissue wrapping paper, Mr. Darcy took possession immediately. I had to lure him out to the kitchen for food so I could get going with my wrapping.  
Earlier on Christmas Eve day, we walked down the hill to the waterfront. It was a beautiful day, but the ice and snow still make walking hard up on Mount Dunbar.  

Another view of the ocean, mountains and city on Christmas Eve. 

This scene is from a park along Point Grey Road. 

And, on the way home, John gets his photograph. A 1957 Chevrolet that looks like it has been snuggled into this side yard for so long that the trees have grown up around it. I have passed this same alley many times and not noticed the car myself.  

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  1. I love your Christmas tree and I'm sure Aya will love it too and it will become her very special tree...none of her future friends will have one like it! And the perfect tree for someone who loves gardening and flowers and especially sweet peas. The decorations are very cool....rather like finding a hidden treasure. You may have to bring out this wrapping paper more seems like it's quite a treat for Mr. Darcy.