Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy 2017!

It seemed appropriate to end 2016 -- year of Trump, Brexit and other things we never thought would happen -- with yet another heavy snowstorm in Vancouver. Along with warnings  of more to come and temperatures as low as -7 (!) for next week. Our last few winters have been virtually snow-free, and last year's was so mild that we barely needed winter coats. Just when you think things are going in one direction, surprise! Many people found that out in 2016, but as we head into 2017, here's a wish that this year's surprises are good ones. 

There's an apocalyptic feel to the photo John took of me in Saturday's snowstorm. I thought it was appropriate, given the year just ending. 

Because the snow we get in Vancouver is so heavy, it can break and misshape trees, especially the broad-leaved ones that stay green all winter. After every snowstorm -- and there have been many this year -- I go out with a broom and try to brush off the snow. John photographed me and my broom in the front garden Saturday night.   It's one way to spend New Year's Eve!

While John shovels the walk and I get snow down my neck brushing snow off trees, Mr. Darcy makes his trips outside brief, and spends most of his time trying out different sleeping positions on various pieces of furniture.
I may be thinking in terms of apocalypse at the end of 2016, but Mr. Darcy knows the secret to happiness is enjoying the moment. Here he is enjoying a really good nap.

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  1. Mr. Darcy definitely has got it right! He looks so comfy and content. We can learn a lot from cats...