Monday, August 7, 2017

Flowery homecoming

I left my Dunbar garden to its own devices for a couple of weeks this summer, hoping there would be a little rain to see it through. None came, so I was a little concerned about what I would find when I got back home at the end of July. Here's what I found:

A leaning tower of sweet peas. They were heading sideways, but they were alive!
In the same garden bed, the delphiniums (see the bare stakes) had finished blooming, and in the bed to the right, the daisies were in full bloom.

The white hydrangeas were making a good show over the boxwood hedge in the front garden. The leaves were a little wilted, but a dose of water perked them up. 

The red hollyhocks were blooming in the front garden.
The white hydrangea out back was growing into the bird bath.

In the front, the blue hydrangea seemed to be thriving without water.

Another look at that hydrangea, which is spreading farther every year.
In another bed in front, purple phox and white daisies were doing well.

But not everything was happy. Two containers of petunias were worse for the wear, and most of the plants had died in one. 

My concrete urn container of petunias was also looking sad.

I collected all the sweet peas and made one beautiful bouquet for the house. An amazing reward for two weeks of neglect!

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  1. water and you still got all this bounty! Just love the sweet peas in the window.