Thursday, May 11, 2017

Family, garden

Our bright pink azalea is always a show-stopper at this time of year. I'm glad my sister-in-law Wendy got a chance to share it with me. Left to right: azalea, me, Wendy. Photo by John.

 My brother Brian and his wife Wendy are the easiest of guests. They don't need a bed, food or even a bathroom because it's all part of the very fine motor home they park outside our house when they visit from Red Deer. En route to Vancouver Island this week, they stayed long enough for a visit and tour around my spring garden. The weather doesn't look too promising for the island-hopping trip they're hoping to make, but Wendy loved what greeted her when she opened the motor-home door in the morning. "The air," she said. Compared to Alberta, "it's just so warm!"

I supervise on the front boulevard while my brother Brian and his wife Wendy prepare to hit the road in their motor home.  Photo by John.

Before they left, we had time to tour the garden and smell the lilacs by the back door.

The white azaleas by the front steps are in bloom now, but the star magnolia in the background is nearly over.

Trapped by Solomon's Seal, this lone pink tulip popped up from somewhere in my back garden.

A bouquet of lilacs from the bush out back brings a touch of spring into the house.

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