Sunday, May 28, 2017

Emi at the beach

Emi, with sunglasses, running for the water at Kitsilano beach on Sunday.

Yipe! I think it's cold!

My grandniece Emi is just old enough now to fully appreciate the possibilities of sand, plastic shovels and tin pails that can be filled with water. On Sunday she took full advantage of a visit to Vancouver’s Kitsilano beach to help her mom Aya build sandcastles and haul pails of water to her father Etienne. Meanwhile, her Uncle John captured some of the action: he said it reminded him of his time as a news photographer, scouring the beach on a hot day for a photo for the next day's paper. As for me, I just sat in the shade.

After a long, miserable winter and wet spring, the crowds were thick at Vancouver beaches on Sunday. Aya and Emi, centre, join them in the water.

Negotiating the waves.

Getting down to serious sandcastle-building.

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  1. Water, sand, sunshine....there is nothing better from a kid's point of view! Driving out of the city yesterday, it did seem like literally everybody and his dog was out enjoying the sunshine. We spend the day sitting in the shade...good plan!