Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pink convertible

The living room of her parents' place is a bit small for my grandniece Emi to drive her pink convertible very far, but now that spring is here, she may be able to take it outside.  In this photo taken Tuesday, she  seems to be saying: "Let's get this show on the road!"
My nephew Etienne and his wife Aya are a bit sheepish about the pink car. A modern couple, they planned to raise their daughter in a gender-neutral way: no pink or blue blankets; no gender-determined toys. But Emi entered the world thirsting for pink, and now that she's a toddler, she wears pink boots, a pink jacket and swishy pink skirts that may just have a sparkle or two on them.

As for the car, there was a sale. There was a child-sized pink convertible. Its headlights went on, it made traffic-like noises, it moved forward and back. Emi had been showing signs of interest in cars, so Etienne and Aya bought it for her, despite its colour.

Their place is too small for Emi to use it much indoors, but now that spring has arrived, Aya says they're thinking of taking it to a parking lot so Emi can drive it. "A place where there aren't too many people," says Aya. "It's so . . . pink, you know."

I haven't seen Emi use the car much since she got it, but on Tuesday she asked her mom to take it out so she could play with it.  This is what she did when she first got into her pretty pink toy.
Just how gorgeous do I look in my pink Peppa Pig dress and pink convertible anyway?

Posing over, she turns into a mechanic, removing the seat.

What's under that seat, anyway? Ohh, wires!

Aya takes the car out into the condo hallway so Emi has room to drive it, first making sure the seat is firmly back in place.

My chariot awaits! A very colour-coordinated Emi steps out of the apartment.

The adventure begins!

One leg rests nonchalantly off the side of the car as she takes off.. 

Aya watches as her daughter halts the car to inspect something.

Oops! A little bump into the wall.

Straightened out, lights blazing, Emi comes charging down the hallway.

A smile for Auntie Carrot as she approaches. . .

Keeps going....

And zips on past.

This is a nice straight road; Emi heads to the end of the corridor.

And turns to look back at her audience.

At the end of the hallway, the corridor swings left. . . 

Toward the elevator and windows opening onto a courtyard.

The end of the road. Emi gets out of the car by the window area and waits for her mom to turn it around.

All turned around and ready to head home!

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