Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Halving a hedge

Ever since we got a warning from the city last spring that our little boxwood hedge was protruding a few inches over the front sidewalk, we've been expecting an even more vehement notice about our cedar hedge in the back. Even though we have it trimmed every year, it has a wide-growing habit, and by this spring, it was about five feet into the back alley. This week, we had our tree guy take action. Following are John's before-and-after photos:

How it was: The back alley, featuring the green blob that was our hedge, on the left.

This view shows how far the hedge was sticking out into the alley.

Another view of the protruding hedge.
This week, the back half of the hedge came down. 

The tree-cutter had a hard time finding a place to stack all the dead wood. 

Another view of the debris.

All neatened up: I took this photo after the debris was all carted away, and John had added extensions to the fence. Behind the fence, in the gaps between the cut-back cedars, are three newly planted Portuguese laurels. 

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  1. That was quite the hedge! The way it was cut it seems you will still have privacy in the backyard especially with the fence. I'm sitting here basking in the sunshine and enjoying having the extra light now that our orange tree is no longer. We aren't missing it a bit!