Sunday, February 5, 2017

Snow scenes

When John and I walk together, we notice different things. He sees bicycles, cars and anyone doing anything at all athletic; he's attuned to patterns and shapes, the incongruous and unusual. I see plants, trees, gardens, landscapes, houses, birds and critters. Our photographs reflect our interests, but sometimes -- especially when it's snowing and using my iPad is awkward -- John is kind enough to use his "real" camera to take one of "my" pictures. Here are some of the snow pictures both of us have taken during our latest bout of winter in Vancouver:

My neighbour Audrey, famous for the colourful teapots she displays in her garden every summer, has left out one reminiscent orange teacup, set in a lantern, for the winter. With some snow and dried leaves around it, it was a perfect "Carol" photo. John graciously took it without even being asked. 

Just for good measure, he also photographed Audrey's snow-battered hydrangeas.

Now this is a "John" picture -- a sad-looking bicycle deserted in the snow. John spotted it when we went walking in False Creek on Saturday.  I wouldn't have even noticed it.

John photographed this man cross-country skiing in False Creek  every time he got within camera range.

Making tracks in front of the housing along False Creek.

An ambitious snow sculpture in False Creek. It's The Thinker, gorilla-style. Photograph by John.

This odd contraption is my surprisingly successful makeshift bird feeder. The umbrella, resting on my witch hazel tree, protects the birdseed from rain and snow. It's my photo, of course, as are the rest that follow.

Another view of the bird feeder in the snow. I take it down every night in case the raccoons decide to rip it apart.
A chunk of suet in a net bag hangs from one of the flimsiest branches of the butterfly bush. It's a way of defeating the squirrels, who are too heavy to climb out on the branch. I've seen them try, then dismount, causing the suet to rise back up, out of their reach.  They almost clap their little paws in frustration.

Witch hazel blossoms in the snow. 

A branch of witch hazel inside, with the snowy hedge in the background.

I liked the pattern the snow made on these palm leaves during a recent walk.

A branch weighted down by snow over the sidewalk. Lots of trees are losing branches to the heavy snow; it's why I spend a lot of time brushing the snow off my plants these days.

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  1. Wonderful photos from you both! Now, I have a little project for the three of us. We do tend to fall into noticing and taking photos of things that attract us. Looking over my photos over the last two years, I would say for me it's food (actually was surprised how many photos I take of food...), people, things with shapes and colours that please me, sunrises and sunsets, some nature but nothing too unusual. So, let's keep taking the photos we like to take, of course, but let's also take "John", "Carol", and "Janice" photos and have a slide show. I think it will get us to think differently about taking photos. We won't post any of these photos on our blogs so they will be surprises. What do you think?
    Carol, I don't think John will guess it's just a ploy to get him to take really good photos of stuff we like.