Saturday, September 10, 2016

Harvest time in Dunbar

Sometimes it feels like the Dunbar shopping area is a ghost town, but on Saturday, it was packed with people celebrating the Dunbar Harvest Festival. Many businesses had tables out front, the Shoppers parking lot was turned into an entertainment centre, and a woman on stilts strode the streets. There were bands, and for the kids, sumo wrestling and a chance to climb a 24-foot wall. As for the harvest, well, there were boxes of apples that had fallen off people's trees. They were out on the curb. Free.

Here are some photos from the festival:

Children loved the 24-foot portable climbing wall from the Edge Climbing Centre.

When kids got to the top of the wall, they just had to let go and their rope would zip them down to the bottom.

There were lineups all day to get on the wall. Parents waited patiently below.

Sumo wrestling: Put on a helmet and a blue suit of giant bubble-wrap and see if you can topple your opponent.

There's not much danger of injury when the inevitable happens.

A woman on stilts walks through the crowds, adding, I guess, a touch of the bizarre. 
The Shoppers Drug Mart parking lot was turned into an entertainment centre, with a band and kiosks.

Here's the harvest part: free windfall apples.

Many access roads to Dunbar were blocked off for the festival. In the background is the portable climbing wall.

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  1. What toys these kids have! We mostly played Kick the Can, cowboys and Indians, but we did have real trees to climb and fall out of and break our arms as some kids did. Doesn't look like there's any chance of falling from this climbing wall.