Thursday, September 15, 2016

Harvest moon

Now is the time of the harvest moon, and on the farm it really was a moon you harvested by. Provided the humidity wasn't too high, farmers could keep combining into the night, and it was something to see those big dark machines working their way up and down the fields in the moonlight. For kids, the moon created ghostly playgrounds out in the newly cut fields. Rectangular straw bales, upended and leaned against each other to shed moisture, were our own Stonehenge, and the whole world was just the moon, the field and each other.

In the city, the moon is still beautiful, a big silvery ball floating overhead, often partly hidden by tall trees. But here there are no siblings to play hide and seek with, and no hay bales to hide among.

The harvest moon looks huge to the eye, but my iPad camera sees it as a little dot over the houses. John says I don't have the right kind of lens.
That little dot through the leaves. It looked beautiful combined with the jester face plate on a neighbour's gate.

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  1. Who knew farm kids had such great fun! We saw that moon out our side window beside the big fir tree. It looked magnificent...perhaps I'll see what kind of a photo I can get tonight.