Friday, March 3, 2017

A lament

Despite the controversy over the massive number of houses being torn down in Vancouver, I notice remarkably little graffiti or outward signs of protest as I walk past all the demolition sites. But one day last summer as I passed a doomed house I had always treasured for its country feel and fine trees, I noticed some words scrawled on the construction sign. They were so faint I recorded them in a notebook: "Getting tired of seeing orange fencing and marble walls instead of white picket fences and bushes," they read. "F--- this." When I walked past the lot on Friday, I photographed the new house being built there. I don't know whether the walls will be marble or not, but it's so big, there's not much room left for even bushes on the site.

 Vancouver's  old homes are disappearing fast, and not everyone is happy about it. This photo was taken  last summer, before someone scrawled a sad message on the construction sign.

The orange sheeting in the windows is protection against asbestos for demolition workers. 

I always liked the big trees and country feel of this place.

What the lot looks like today. According to the sign, it's a dream home. 

There's not much room left on the lot for trees or a garden. Most new houses are built to the maximum allowable size. 

This house is in a different area of the city, but I was interested that someone had bothered to get a front-gate plaque engraved that reads: "No realtors, No salespersons."

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