Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Saturday market

I don't usually shop at Saltspring Island's Saturday market, but made an exception this time around. Here are the treasures I brought home. More photos of the market below.
It might sound churlish, but I'm not usually a fan of Saltspring's Saturday market. The jostling, the crowds, the pricey products. But the weekly event is a feast for the eyes, especially the rainbow of fruit, vegetable and flower stalls, so John and I tend to tour the aisles on market days just to enjoy the sights.

Another plus is the high probability of running into island acquaintances we haven't seen for awhile. Because, for all their complaining about the crowding, traffic and parking, islanders do patronize the market for specific items available only there. Mostly, this is bread, brought in every Saturday by a few of the island's talented home bakers. They sell out so fast that islanders strategize carefully to ensure they get their weekly fix -- one couple told us they know to the minute when they have to leave their front door to ensure they get to the bread lady's stall in time.

Last Saturday I decided to take advantage of the market's specialties for a dinner I was hostessing that night. For all the crowds and jostling, it was a treat to ponder the wide selection of homegrown bouquets at the flower stall, to meet the growers of a small box of perfect strawberries, and to realize I'd reached the bread lady's stand in time to get what I wanted. It was there that John got caught up in talking to some of those chance-met islanders, so I bought two loaves on my own and continued with my shopping. When he caught up with me later, he was triumphantly brandishing his prize -- another loaf of bread!

So, a visit with friends. A box of perfect strawberries that made my dessert sing. A bouquet of flowers that will brighten our house until the end of our stay. And two extra loaves of delicious bread in the freezer. Who could be curmudgeonly about a market like that?

Islanders plot their Saturdays carefully to make sure they get to the bread lady's stand in time for her famous loaves.

Several stands offer sweeter treats.

Island farmers count on the market to sell many of their products.

Fall flowers are taking over at the flower stall. Notice the sunflowers and dahlias. 

Fruits and vegetables add colour and beauty to the market's aisles.

More of the sweet-makers' treats.

Somebody has figured out that a cut piece of carrot cake with a fork jammed in the top will sell a lot faster than a big cake that needs to be cut and utensils found.

This display of pastel pottery was too pretty not to photograph.

My autumn bouquet from the market. It will brighten our house until the end  of our Saltspring stay.

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  1. It does look wonderful and I think I'd be a regular regardless of the prices and the crowds. I've always been fascinated by how the French take such immense pleasure in their markets and don't seem to give a toss for the prices.