Monday, July 11, 2016

Green walls

Vancouver's huge hedges lend themselves to odd shapes and uses. During my walks around the city, I began noticing the ways people have exploited their green walls to turn them into something useful, mysterious or playful. Here are some examples:

What a stately entrance to this garden! Two pillars and a wrought iron arch overhead keep the hedge opening neat and elegant.

One big hedge running the length of two properties required the cutting of  a "door" for each. I loved the sense of connection and separation this gave. 

This was a smaller hedge I had passed  many times, but one day I noticed an arch had been cut to showcase a little statue of a nude. 

A big old laurel hedge can be made into almost anything. Why not an arch to mark the entrance to the property?

My friend Linda poses under a cedar arch during our walk on Saturday.


  1. Amazing! Now, when I suggested this blog I mainly thought of you sharing all your wonderful walking experiences and was quite dismayed when you said it was going to be "mainly about books and cats"! I think these ramblings must become part of a published book so others can know "your" Vancouver.

  2. And in this book that you are going to publish I want you to tie in stories from the Vancouver Sun, what newspapers used to be like, and the things the Sun did. So, you go to Lumberman's Arch and write about Vancouver Sun swimming lessons, for example. Maybe the Vancouver Sun will even publish it.

  3. And what would be perfect if John collaborated (I know, I know...too many pretty pictures but some street photos without people could go in as well) and then stories from the Province could fit. Postmedia should be interested. It could be a great gift to long time subscribers and those who have appreciated and supported newspapers all their lives. And they have two newspaper people who are going to do it for free. What a deal!